15+British Slang for Diarrhea [Meaning+Example]

Discover a quirky guide to British slang for diarrhea, exploring colloquial expressions and humorous terms used to discuss this common topic. Learn how language evolves even around everyday experiences.

1. The Trots

Meaning: A lighthearted term referring to diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I can’t make it to the meeting, I’ve got a case of the trots.”
  • “That dodgy curry last night gave me the trots.”
  • “She had to rush to the bathroom because of the trots.”
  • “I had to skip breakfast due to the trots.”
  • “The picnic was going well until someone got the trots.”

2. Delhi Belly

Meaning: Originally used to describe traveler’s diarrhea, often associated with visiting countries like India.

Example sentences:

  • “I didn’t expect to get Delhi belly during my vacation.”
  • “Be careful with street food; you might end up with Delhi belly.”
  • “He had a bad case of Delhi belly after his trip to Asia.”
  • “My friend came back from India with a severe case of Delhi belly.”
  • “She spent most of her trip to Delhi dealing with Delhi belly.”

3. Gippy Tummy

Meaning: Slang for an upset stomach that may lead to diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I can’t eat that, my tummy’s feeling gippy.”
  • “His gippy tummy kept him up all night.”
  • “The greasy food gave me a gippy tummy.”
  • “I’ve been dealing with a gippy tummy for the past few days.”
  • “Avoid dairy if you have a gippy tummy.”

4. Squits

Meaning: Informal term for diarrhea, often used in a humorous or playful context.

Example sentences:

  • “He couldn’t go to the party because of the squits.”
  • “Spicy food always gives me the squits.”
  • “I had a bad case of the squits after that meal.”
  • “The sudden onset of squits caught him off guard.”
  • “She laughed off her squits episode as a dining adventure.”

5. D&V (Diarrhea and Vomiting)

Meaning: Acronym used to refer to both diarrhea and vomiting together.

Example sentences:

  • “I had a terrible case of D&V after eating that seafood.”
  • “The flu hit me hard with D&V symptoms.”
  • “He had to take the day off work due to D&V.”
  • “The whole family got sick with D&V from the same restaurant.”
  • “I’m staying hydrated to prevent D&V.”

6. The Skitters

Meaning: Slang term for diarrhea, suggesting quick and uncontrollable movements.

Example sentences:

  • “She had to run to the bathroom because of the skitters.”
  • “I knew something was wrong when I felt the skitters coming on.”
  • “He described his experience with the skitters as quite unpleasant.”
  • “The skitters hit just as he was about to leave the house.”
  • “The spicy food gave everyone the skitters.”

7. Runs

Meaning: Simple and direct slang for diarrhea, implying a rapid need to use the restroom.

Example sentences:

  • “Sorry, I’ll be a bit late, I’ve got the runs.”
  • “The buffet left me with the runs all afternoon.”
  • “She experienced the runs after eating at that new place.”
  • “He’s been dealing with the runs since last night.”
  • “Stay away from that dish unless you want the runs.”

8. Bum Gravy

Meaning: Humorous and crude term used to describe diarrhea in a playful manner.

Example sentences:

  • “I can’t believe I ate that; now I’m dealing with bum gravy.”
  • “His description of his symptoms had everyone laughing – bum gravy indeed.”
  • “The dodgy takeaway gave me a serving of bum gravy.”
  • “She shared her story of surviving a bout of bum gravy with a straight face.”
  • “His exaggerated bum gravy tales turned a gloomy situation into comedy.”

9. Dunny Trots

Meaning: A combination of “dunny” (slang for toilet) and “trots,” referring to diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I’ll be a while; I’ve got the dunny trots.”
  • “His dunny trots meant he spent most of the morning in the bathroom.”
  • “The picnic was almost ruined when someone got hit by the dunny trots.”
  • “Avoid that seafood; it gave me a case of the dunny trots last time.”
  • “She had to make a quick exit due to the dunny trots.”

10. Montezuma’s Revenge

Meaning: Originally from American English, this term is sometimes used in the UK to describe traveler’s diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I caught Montezuma’s revenge during my trip to Mexico.”
  • “They warned me about Montezuma’s revenge, but I thought I’d be fine.”
  • “Montezuma’s revenge hit right in the middle of our sightseeing tour.”
  • “He attributed his sudden illness to Montezuma’s revenge.”
  • “My vacation was great, except for the encounter with Montezuma’s revenge.”

11. Bum Rumble

Meaning: A playful way to describe the rumbling sensations in the stomach before diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I knew trouble was brewing when I felt the bum rumble.”
  • “His bum rumble signaled the onset of an unpleasant experience.”
  • “The spicy food gave me a serious case of bum rumbles.”
  • “She couldn’t ignore the bum rumble during the important presentation.”
  • “His attempt to suppress the bum rumble during the meeting was unsuccessful.”

12. The Hershey Squirts

Meaning: A light-hearted reference to diarrhea, drawing humor from the wordplay.

Example sentences:

  • “I won’t be making it to the event; I’ve got the Hershey squirts.”
  • “His description of the Hershey squirts had everyone laughing.”
  • “The dodgy kebab gave me a bout of the Hershey squirts.”
  • “She shared her Hershey squirts story with a grin.”
  • “He blamed the Hershey squirts for his sudden absence.”

13. Painting the Bowl

Meaning: A vivid and humorous way to describe the act of having diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “Excuse me, I need to go paint the bowl.”
  • “After that spicy meal, I spent some time painting the bowl.”
  • “His announcement of painting the bowl brought chuckles from his friends.”
  • “She discreetly excused herself, mentioning the need to paint the bowl.”
  • “He came back looking relieved, having successfully painted the bowl.”

14. Liquid Laugh

Meaning: Suggesting a humorous and liquid-related nature of diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I won’t make it to the meeting; I’ve got a case of the liquid laugh.”
  • “The questionable sushi gave me a bout of the liquid laugh.”
  • “Her description of the liquid laugh had everyone amused.”
  • “After that curry, I experienced a session of the liquid laugh.”
  • “He excused himself with a chuckle, citing the liquid laugh as the reason.”

15. The Skitters

Meaning: A term indicating a sudden and uncontrollable bout of diarrhea.

Example sentences:

  • “I had to rush to the bathroom because of the skitters.”
  • “The spicy food gave me a case of the skitters.”
  • “His unexpected skitters situation disrupted the event.”
  • “She discreetly left the room due to a bout of the skitters.”
  • “He described his encounter with the skitters as an embarrassing moment.”

16. Runs Like a Tap

Meaning: Describing diarrhea with a playful comparison to a faucet.

Example sentences:

  • “Sorry, I can’t go out tonight; I’ve got the runs like a tap.”
  • “The buffet left me with the runs like a tap all afternoon.”
  • “After that curry, I experienced the runs like a tap.”
  • “She joked that the spicy food gave her the runs like a tap.”
  • “He urgently excused himself, mentioning the runs like a tap.”

17. Mudslide

Meaning: A cheeky way to describe diarrhea, drawing a comparison to the natural disaster.

Example sentences:

  • “I won’t be able to make it to the event; dealing with a mudslide.”
  • “The dodgy street food led to a sudden mudslide situation.”
  • “She described her experience with a mudslide after eating at that place.”
  • “He recounted the story of his mudslide episode with a grin.”
  • “The heavy meal resulted in a mudslide that required immediate attention.”

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