10+Slang Words for Old [Meaning+Example]

Discover a collection of trendy slang words for old. From ancient to seasoned – explore the linguistic landscape of age in a fun and modern way.

1. Ancient

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something or someone that is very old or outdated.

Example sentences:

“My grandparents’ house is full of ancient furniture and decor.”
“This computer is ancient, I need to upgrade to something newer.”
“He’s been playing the same video game for years, it’s practically ancient by now.”
“The library had an ancient copy of the book I needed, but it was falling apart.”
“I found an ancient VHS tape in the attic, I wonder what’s on it.”

2. Senior

Meaning – A slang word used to refer to an older person, typically someone who is retired or close to retirement age.

Example sentences:

“The senior citizens center offers many activities and resources for older adults.”
“My parents are both seniors now, but they’re still very active.”
“He retired after 40 years of working and now considers himself a senior.”
“She volunteers at the hospital, spending time with senior patients.”
“The senior discount saved her a lot of money on her travel expenses.”

3. Vintage

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something that is from a previous era, often associated with style or fashion.

Example sentences:

  • “I love shopping for vintage clothes at thrift stores.”
  • “Her collection of vintage vinyl records is really impressive.”
  • “This car is a vintage model from the 1950s.”
  • “The retro diner has a vintage vibe, complete with old-fashioned decor and music.”
  • “He restored a vintage motorcycle and now it looks brand new.”

4. Geriatric

Meaning – A slang word used to refer to someone who is elderly or has health problems associated with old age.

Example sentences:

  • “The nursing home provides specialized care for geriatric patients.”
  • “He’s been having trouble with his joints, so the doctor recommended a geriatric specialist.”
  • “The geriatric ward at the hospital is always busy.”
  • “She works as a caregiver for geriatric patients and finds it very rewarding.”
  • “The geriatric program at the community center offers exercise classes and social events.”

5. Antique

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something that is very old and valuable, often associated with collectibles or art.

Example sentences:

  • “The antique shop has a wide variety of rare and unique items.”
  • “She inherited an antique vase from her grandmother that is worth a lot of money.”
  • “He collects antique coins from around the world.”
  • “The art museum has a collection of antique paintings that are centuries old.”
  • “The antique furniture in the room adds a lot of character and charm.”

6. Elderly

Meaning – A slang word used to describe someone who is advanced in years or considered to be in their later stages of life.

Example sentences:

  • “The elderly couple enjoyed taking walks around the park together.”
  • “The elderly man needed help crossing the street.”
  • “She worked as a caregiver for elderly patients with dementia.”
  • “The elderly woman was always full of stories about her past.”
  • “The nursing home had a lot of activities planned for the elderly residents.”

7. Retro

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something that is reminiscent of a style or design from a previous era.

Example sentences:

  • “The party had a retro theme, with guests dressed in 80s fashion.”
  • “She loves decorating her house with retro furniture and decor.”
  • “The new car model has a retro design, inspired by classic muscle cars.”
  • “The retro arcade was full of classic video games from the 90s.”
  • “The retro diner served old-fashioned milkshakes and burgers.”

8. Aged

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something or someone that is considered to be old or mature.

Example sentences:

  • “The aged cheese had a strong, distinctive flavor.”
  • “He enjoyed drinking aged whiskey, which had a smoother taste.”
  • “The aged tree was over 100 years old and provided shade for the park.”
  • “The aged leather on the vintage jacket gave it a unique look and feel.”
  • “The aged book had yellowed pages and a musty smell.”

9. Dated

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something that is no longer fashionable or modern, often associated with trends or styles.

Example sentences:

  • “The music from the 80s is so dated now, it’s hard to listen to.”
  • “She got rid of all her dated clothing and bought a new wardrobe.”
  • “The technology from the 90s is so dated compared to what we have now.”
  • “The old phone looks so dated compared to the sleek smartphones we have today.”
  • “The decor in the house was dated and in need of an update.”

10. Old-school

Meaning – A slang word used to describe something that is traditional or done in a way that is reminiscent of the past.

Example sentences:

  • “He prefers old-school rap music to the newer, more modern styles.”
  • “The restaurant had an old-school feel, with checkered tablecloths and classic dishes.”
  • “She learned to dance old-school style, with swing and jazz moves.”
  • “The old-school video game console was a hit at the party, with guests playing classic games for hours.”
  • “The teacher used old-school teaching methods, with lectures and textbooks.”

11. Senior

Meaning – A slang word used to describe someone who is older, often used in the context of school or workplace hierarchy.

Example sentences:

  • “The senior students were responsible for organizing the school dance.”
  • “The senior executives made all the major decisions for the company.”
  • “He worked as a senior editor at the publishing company.”
  • “The senior members of the club had more experience and knowledge.”
  • “She was promoted to a senior position after working at the company for several years.”

12. Geriatric

Meaning – A slang word used to describe someone who is very old or elderly, often used in a humorous or exaggerated way.

Example sentences:

  • “The geriatric patients at the nursing home enjoyed playing bingo and listening to music.”
  • “He joked that he felt geriatric when he turned 30 years old.”
  • “The geriatric dog still had a lot of energy and liked to play fetch.”
  • “The geriatric couple had been married for over 50 years and had a lot of stories to share.”
  • “The geriatric rock band still performed at concerts and festivals, despite their age.”

13. Seasoned

Meaning – A slang word used to describe someone who is experienced or skilled, often used in the context of work or professions.

Example sentences:

  • “The seasoned chef had worked in several top restaurants and had won many awards.”
  • “He was a seasoned traveler and had visited over 50 countries.”
  • “The seasoned actor had starred in many movies and television shows over the years.”
  • “The seasoned journalist had covered many major news events and had won a Pulitzer Prize.”
  • “The seasoned investor had a lot of knowledge and expertise in the stock market.”

Wrap Up

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