10 Slang Words for Original [Meaning+Example]

Discover the coolest slang words for original! Uncover trendy expressions that define true uniqueness and creativity. Elevate your language game with these hip terms for staying authentic and fresh. Explore the language of originality today!

1. OG

Meaning – A slang term for “original gangster” that refers to someone who is respected for being one of the earliest or original members of a group or community.

Example sentences:

  • “He’s the OG of this club, he’s been a member since the beginning.”
  • “She’s an OG rapper who helped pioneer the genre.”
  • “The OG members of the team are always given special recognition.”
  • “He’s an OG in the car racing community, everyone knows him.”
  • “The OG employees of the company are often sought after for their experience and knowledge.”

2. Classic

Meaning – A slang term for something that is timeless or iconic in its original form.

Example sentences:

  • “That car is a classic, it will never go out of style.”
  • “The classic rock music from the 70s is still popular today.”
  • “Her style is classic, she always looks chic and sophisticated.”
  • “The original Star Wars movies are considered classics in the sci-fi genre.”
  • “The classic Coca-Cola bottle design has remained unchanged for decades.”

3. Vintage

Meaning – A slang term for something that is old-fashioned or from a previous era, often considered valuable or desirable for its rarity and authenticity.

Example sentences:

  • “She loves to wear vintage clothing from the 1950s.”
  • “The antique car collection includes many vintage models from the 1920s.”
  • “The vintage vinyl records are highly sought after by music enthusiasts.”
  • “The vintage Coca-Cola signs are popular among collectors.”
  • “The vintage camera collection is worth a lot of money.”

4. Iconic

Meaning – A slang term for something that is highly influential or recognizable as a symbol of its originality and impact.

Example sentences:

  • “The Eiffel Tower is an iconic landmark of Paris.”
  • “The iconic Nike swoosh logo is recognized worldwide.”
  • “The iconic movie scene has been parodied in many other films.”
  • “The iconic album cover art is still recognized today.”
  • “The iconic fashion designer has influenced many others in the industry.”

5. Classic with a twist

Meaning – A slang term for something that is traditional or classic in its original form, but has been updated or modified with a unique or modern twist.

Example sentences:

  • “The classic margarita with a twist of jalapeño is a popular drink at the bar.”
  • “The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a twist of honey is a new favorite.”
  • “The classic black dress with a twist of sequins is perfect for a night out.”
  • “The classic mac and cheese with a twist of lobster is a gourmet dish.”
  • “The classic white t-shirt with a twist of graphic print is a trendy fashion statement.”

6. Fresh

Meaning – A slang term for something that is new, original, or innovative.

Example sentences:

  • “His music is so fresh and unique, it’s unlike anything I’ve heard before.”
  • “I love her fresh take on fashion, she’s always pushing the boundaries.”
  • “This new restaurant has a fresh menu with creative dishes.”
  • “The fresh perspective of the young generation is refreshing to see.”
  • “The fresh coat of paint has made the room look brand new.”

7. Raw

Meaning – A slang term for something that is unrefined, genuine, or unfiltered.

Example sentences:

  • “His lyrics are so raw and authentic, they really speak to me.”
  • “I love the raw energy of their live performances.”
  • “The raw emotion in her voice gave me chills.”
  • “The raw footage of the documentary gave a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.”
  • “The raw talent of the street artist is impressive.”

8. Genuine

Meaning – A slang term for something that is authentic, real, or true to its original form.

Example sentences:

  • “His apology felt genuine and sincere.”
  • “The genuine leather on these boots is of high quality.”
  • “I appreciate your genuine interest in my work.”
  • “Her genuine smile made me feel welcomed and comfortable.”
  • “The genuine article is worth more than any imitation.”

9. Real

Meaning – A slang term for something that is authentic, true to its nature, or unfiltered.

Example sentences:

  • “He’s a real cowboy, born and raised on a ranch.”
  • “The real me is the one you see behind closed doors.”
  • “The real beauty of the city can only be seen at night.”
  • “She has a real talent for connecting with people on a deeper level.”
  • “The real question is, are you ready to commit?”

10. Unfiltered

Meaning – A slang term for something that is unedited, uncensored, or unmodified in any way.

Example sentences:

  • “Her unfiltered honesty is refreshing in a world of fake personalities.”
  • “I love to see his unfiltered reaction to things, it’s always so genuine.”
  • “The unfiltered truth can be hard to hear, but it’s necessary.”
  • “The unfiltered photos show the true beauty of the landscape.”
  • “His unfiltered opinions often get him in trouble.”

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