10+ Slang for Upset Stomach [Meaning+Example]

Discover the meaning and examples of slang for upset stomach. From ‘tummy trouble’ to ‘bellyache,’ explore common expressions for that uneasy feeling. Find relief and learn the lingo today!

1. Queasy

  • Meaning: Feeling nauseous or having an unsettled stomach.

Example Sentences:

  1. The bumpy car ride left her feeling queasy and unable to enjoy the scenery.
  2. The smell of certain foods makes me queasy, especially when I’m already tired.
  3. He skipped breakfast, and by mid-morning, he was feeling queasy and lightheaded.
  4. The roller coaster’s twists and turns made her queasy, but she still had a blast.
  5. After eating the expired leftovers, he spent the evening feeling queasy and regretful.

2. Sick to My Stomach

  • Meaning: Feeling nauseated or experiencing stomach discomfort.

Example Sentences:

  1. The news was so shocking that it made her feel sick to her stomach.
  2. The smell of the strong cleaning solution made him sick to his stomach.
  3. She ate too much at the party, and now she’s feeling sick to her stomach.
  4. The combination of the heat and the unfamiliar food left him feeling sick to his stomach.
  5. The anxiety before the big presentation made him feel sick to his stomach.

3. Under the Weather

  • Meaning: Feeling unwell, often due to stomach issues.

Example Sentences:

  1. I won’t be able to attend the meeting today; I’m feeling under the weather.
  2. She caught a cold and spent the weekend feeling under the weather.
  3. After eating at the new restaurant, he felt under the weather for the rest of the day.
  4. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.
  5. He was feeling under the weather, so he decided to stay home and rest.

4. Green Around the Gills

  • Meaning: Looking pale or sick due to stomach troubles.

Example Sentences:

  1. The roller coaster made her feel so sick that she looked green around the gills.
  2. He’s been feeling nauseous all morning and appears green around the gills.
  3. The motion sickness left her looking green around the gills even after the ride ended.
  4. The sight of the spoiled milk made him feel queasy and left him looking green around the gills.
  5. After the long flight, she felt so sick that she was green around the gills.

5. Feeling Off

  • Meaning: Sensation of being unwell, especially in the stomach area.

Example Sentences:

  1. I can’t pinpoint it, but I’ve been feeling off all day.
  2. After the heavy meal, he started feeling off and needed to lie down.
  3. She had a strange feeling off in her stomach after eating the unfamiliar dish.
  4. The change in altitude made him feel off during the flight.
  5. The sudden change in weather left her feeling off and fatigued.

6. Stomach Bug

  • Meaning: Informal term for a stomach-related illness causing discomfort.

Example Sentences:

  1. The kids missed school because they all caught the stomach bug.
  2. She believes she caught the stomach bug from the restaurant she visited last night.
  3. The office had to be temporarily closed due to a widespread stomach bug.
  4. He’s been dealing with the symptoms of the stomach bug for a couple of days now.
  5. The stomach bug seems to be going around, as several people at the party felt unwell.

7. Upchucking

  • Meaning: Colloquial term for vomiting or throwing up due to stomach upset.

Example Sentences:

  1. The spicy curry had him upchucking within minutes of finishing his meal.
  2. After a night of heavy drinking, he spent the morning upchucking in the bathroom.
  3. The flu left her bedridden and upchucking throughout the day.
  4. The spoiled food had everyone upchucking and regretting their choice.
  5. The roller coaster ride left some passengers upchucking as soon as they got off.

8. Tummy Troubles

  • Meaning: Referring to digestive problems causing discomfort.

Example Sentences:

  1. The new medication gave him tummy troubles and left him feeling uneasy.
  2. Spicy foods tend to give me tummy troubles, so I try to avoid them.
  3. The stress of the exam week resulted in tummy troubles for many students.
  4. She had a late-night snack that led to tummy troubles the next morning.
  5. Overeating during the holiday feast caused a lot of tummy troubles for the family.

9. Gut Rot

  • Meaning: Slang for a feeling of discomfort or nausea in the stomach.

Example Sentences:

  1. The greasy fast food gave him a case of gut rot that lasted for hours.
  2. After eating the expired yogurt, he experienced a severe case of gut rot.
  3. The roller coaster left her with a feeling of gut rot that took a while to subside.
  4. Overindulging in rich desserts often leads to a night of gut rot for him.
  5. The combination of stress and heavy meals gave her a persistent feeling of gut rot.

10. Bellyache

  • Meaning: Informal term for stomach pain or discomfort.

Example Sentences:

  1. The ice cream gave him a temporary bellyache, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.
  2. She often gets a bellyache when she’s anxious about something.
  3. The sudden weather change caused a bellyache for several people in the neighborhood.
  4. After eating too much at the party, everyone had a bellyache.
  5. He had a bellyache after trying the spicy chili at the cook-off.

11. Rumbly Tummy

  • Meaning: Describing a stomach making gurgling or uneasy sounds.

Example Sentences:

  1. The rumbly tummy was a sign that it was time for a snack.
  2. She felt embarrassed when her rumbly tummy disrupted the quiet meeting.
  3. His rumbly tummy was a reminder that he had skipped breakfast that morning.
  4. The rumbly tummy persisted after the heavy meal, indicating indigestion.
  5. The child’s rumbly tummy was a cue that it was time for a meal.

12. Gastro Woes

  • Meaning: Slang for gastrointestinal troubles causing discomfort.

Example Sentences:

  1. The spicy food gave him a night of gastro woes and heartburn.
  2. She experienced gastro woes after eating the questionable seafood.
  3. The sudden onset of gastro woes prompted a visit to the doctor.
  4. Overindulgence during the holiday season often leads to a bout of gastro woes.
  5. The medication helped alleviate her gastro woes, but she still needed rest.

13. Feeling Woozy

  • Meaning: Sensation of dizziness often associated with an upset stomach.

Example Sentences:

  1. The combination of motion sickness and a rumbly tummy made her feel woozy.
  2. The long car ride left him feeling woozy and needing fresh air.
  3. She had a woozy spell after eating the spicy dish, feeling lightheaded.
  4. The feeling of wooziness persisted after the amusement park ride.
  5. The sudden drop in temperature made him feel woozy and nauseous.

14. Gutted

  • Meaning: Slang term that can refer to both feeling upset emotionally and having stomach issues.

Example Sentences:

  1. He was gutted when he realized he had forgotten his wallet at home.
  2. The news of the canceled trip left her feeling gutted and disappointed.
  3. The combination of stress and the bad news had her feeling gutted and unwell.
  4. He was gutted by the unexpected breakup and had trouble eating for days.
  5. The gutted feeling after the loss of a loved one can often affect appetite.

Wrapping Up: Slang for Upset Stomach

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